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Losing weight doesn't have to be expensive, you don't actually need to join a gym or use a personal trainer, take any supplements or buy any equipment. In fact ALL the tools you need to plan your weight loss, organise your diet and increase your activity levels I am actually going to give you here for FREE.  Simply download the relevant ebooks to your computer and you are off - click here for more details.

No, any of the above are not necessary to achieve great results, they simply make it a lot more likely and quicker, but your inability or reluctance to spend money on any of them should in no way jeopardise your weight loss attempts. If you do want to invest your money in to your future ( your health and fitness ) then simply follow the links you see to find out more about the ways in which you can supercharge your efforts.

So why do some people seem to manage to maintain a great shape year in and year out whilst others fluctuate so much? Well mostly it is down to education and attitude.


Before you start on any project, getting a job, going on holiday, building or buying a house for example there has to be an element of planning and expectation. So for our example we will use the buying of a house as a parallel to losing weight.

If you currently live in a 2 bedroomed terraced house in a less desirable part of town, but are looking to move up the ladder and buy a better house then a number of things need to be considered. What sort of house do you want? Which area do want to live in, Does it need to be close to work, parents or family? How much can you spend? How many bedrooms do you need?

Each of these questions will need answering before you start to even look, never mind get further down the road to buying. You will only get the absolute ideal house for you if you can afford it and are willing to make certain compromises ( unless you have a totally unlimited budget ).

Its like that with weight loss, you have to decide on what it is you want to look like and then make decisions along the way to assist you reaching that outcome. If you want perfection then you will have to make some major changes, if you simply want to look better or be healthier then you won't need to go as far.

We can all look dramatically different to the way we do now, it is simply the level of investment that needs to change. Certainly to achieve a healthier you, your health must be elevated up your priority list, to somewhere near the top.

If you only have £200,000.00 to spend on a house, but you really like the houses that are £400,000.00 then at the moment you will have to forget that idea, but that doesn't mean forget it forever, you will most likely keep working and pushing towards that goal so that in a few years from now you can afford it.

With weight loss you also need to be realistic, if you need to lose 3 stone or go down a few dress sizes then that is definitely possible, don't let anyone tell you that it isn't, it just won't happen overnight.  You will need to gradually and consistently chip away at this goal until some time in the future it becomes a reality.

Be Realistic...Set Yourself Achievable Goals

Now unfortunately you won't necessarily like my next point, but it is this. You can only work within the framework you have been given, so if you are only 5ft tall with quite broad shoulders then you will never be 5ft 6 and waif like. If you are wanting to add size and muscle, that is a little different, but you should still analyse the realistic potential of your dreams.

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