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This page is dedicated to all the FREE information I have made available for you to down load and use for your own training and fitness programmes. I have included a comprehensive list of FREE downloadable literature which should contain all you need to plan, design, organise and put in to practise your own healthy living routine. 

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All the downloads are in PDF format, you will need Acrobat Reader to view the content of the ebooks. If you don't have it, download a free copy now by clicking the icon to the right.

Please note, some of these are quite large files with pictures which may make them quite lengthy files to download, NOT your usual cheap and cheerful run of the mill e-books, I am sure you will agree.

To begin downloading your FREE e-books just right click the books below and select 'save target as' and choose a place on your computer to save them. Remember that place.

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FREE Weekday Workout E-book - click here to download

This workout shows that even if you have a very limited amount of time to fit exercise in to your lifestyle, YOU CAN do it. It just takes 30 minutes a day. Most of us even on our busiest days can spare this amount of time. Just get organised, get yourself a mat here - click here for workout mats and some dumbbells here - click here for dumbells and off you go.

FREE Nutritional Guide E-book - Click here to download

This nutritional guide gives you all the basics to impove your diet and start eating healthily. The guide gives you some great ideas for meals and snacks and some excellent time saving solutions as well as a easy option eating plan which simplifies the whole process of selecting and choosing the right types of foods to eat. Don't forget you don't have to get it right all the time, simply make small improvements over the next few weeks until you reach the point at which you can control your weight comfortably.

FREE Home Workout E-book - Click here to download

Don't know what exercises you should be doing or how to do them?  Don't worry...my new FREE 'Home workout' E-book has got this covered.  You will find simple step by step descriptions and clear photographs describing a complete 20 minute home workout which works all the major muscles of the body.  Quick to do and easy to follow, a must for anyone who is serious about losing weight and getting in to great shape at home.  Get yourself orgainsed and fill up some empty plastic milk bottles with sand or invest in a quality set of dumbells by clicking here and a mat by clicking here.

Exercise Programmes

The following links are for programmes for you to do at home or at your local gym. If you have a basic understanding of exercises then you should be fine following these programmes. If they mean absolutely nothing to you, then your best bet is to speak to an instructor or personal trainer. You can find out more information on personal training here - personal training

Basic Fitness Routine - Click here to download

Basic Home Weight Loss Routine - Click here to download

Muscle Building Routine - Click here to download

Basic Weight Loss Routine - Click here to download

Personal Training Secrets

Personal Training Secrets is a FREE audio CD which discusses the reasons why people normally fail at fitness and why it is rare for anyone to maintain a normal healthy weight.  This CD suggests a number of solutions to this age old problem and a clear way forward. Simply click on this email link and leave your address details for the CD to be sent out to.  Please write audio CD in the subject line - 'Personal Training Secrets Audio CD'

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