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Gillian Goes Too Far



Extremists generally cause problems for everybody else.  Whether that be religion, politics or simply their outlook on life.  The extreme point of view does nothing but alienate and scare away everyday people with everyday beliefs and lifestyles.  Now that may sound a little deep, and out of my usual field of expertise but the reason behind that last statement is this…if normal, healthy and happy everyday life is the goal, there is no need to be extreme in anything you do.  If you want to be a millionaire, then you are going to have to work damn hard and do without many other things that life has to offer in order to achieve this goal.  If your goal is to be the fittest person on the planet, then again you are going to have to make some pretty serious sacrifices.    But, if your goal is simply to look good or to get fitter, there is absolutely no need to go to extremes.


In the title of this article I mention Gillian McKeath because she and many other well known TV personalities these days are touting what in my opinion is dietary extremism, perfectly sound in its approach and its balance and concept if you are an exercise or diet extremist.  Unfortunately for the rest of us, which is the majority of the population who have to work, look after children, keep house and take care of dozens of other day to day tasks its just not practical or more importantly not necessary.  Yes if you want to treat your body as a temple, never allow yourself the odd luxury, takeaway or meal out and completely abstain from alcohol then that’s fine, that’s your decision, personally I would rather enjoy some of the simpler things in life every so often and in moderation.  In my opinion this way of eating will only deter people still further from reaching their goals.


With all this said however if you do want to lose some weight or improve your fitness you are probably going to have to change things a little. 


For the simplest and most effective ways to get in to shape, follow my 5 easy guidelines for getting fit and losing weight.


#1  Reduce your intake of high fat, sugary and processed foods, just change it a little and replace with wholesome natural fruits, vegetables, fish and low fat sources of meat, monitor what happens.  If you start to lose weight doing just that then you are on your way.


#2  Start exercising…try to do some form of sport, activity or exercise every day for at least 20 minutes, ideally choose things that you enjoy and look forward to doing.


#3  Start drinking more water, this will help to cleanse the digestive system, freshen up your skin and help weight loss – aim for 8 glasses each day, tap water will do.


#4  Find reasons to be more active…wash your own car, potter around the garden or house in the evenings instead of sitting down in front of the TV.  Follow my sit down rule – only sit down for ½ - 1 hour every evening to aid relaxation and avoid stagnation.


#5  Set yourself mini goals and targets such as ‘in 4 weeks time I will be able to walk up the stairs at work without feeling exhausted’, or ‘in 8 weeks I be using a notch lower on  my belt’.  Be creative but realistic and set as many smaller goals and objectives as you can think of…and don’t forget to reward yourself when you reach your targets.


For long term success you should look for improvements over the long term, make small gradual changes to your diet and lifestyle and then implement them consistently until they become habit.  Good luck. 


To Your Health and fitness - Jago


Authors Name: Jago Holmes, New Image Fitness Limited

Telephone: 01422 836157

Email: jago@anewimage.co.uk

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