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Karen Biggs


My name is Karen Biggs and I am a Hairdresser in Halifax, this is my story. 


Karen BeforeTwo years ago I weighed 11 stone 6lbs, I was unhealthy, overweight and was very self conscious about my body.  Physical activity or exercise was something I didn’t even want to consider. The trigger point that made me take action was when I was out shopping and saw a friend I had not seen in years. She commented on how well I looked but hadn’t I got bigger. 


The conversation carried on for some time but I didn’t want to walk away for fear of her seeing how big I looked from behind. A couple of days later that same week I met another old friend on the bus who asked me if I was pregnant. I felt a mess and was very upset. I decided I needed to make some changes.


I knew someone that had just started training with New Image and recommended I give it a go.  Initially I was given ideas on how to change my diet and was helped by their nutritional advice and the motivation offered by the trainers.  I was measured and weighed every week to make sure I was making progress and given a home routine to do.  Within 8 months I reached my target of a pound under 9 stone.  I really loved my training and worked very hard during each session always giving it my all.


8 stone 6lbs is my current weight and I now feel full of energy, life’s more enjoyable and shopping is a pleasure.  These days I have so much more confidence in my appearance, I can wear the clothes I always wanted to wear.  I am very grateful for all the help I have been given and am determined to stay as I am from now on.


So how did I do it?

I consistently trained with New Image personal training once a week which I think was money well spent.  I now have a positive attitude towards myself and exercise also having gained much more knowledge in the process. I ate sensibly, eating a lot more fruit.  I became good friends with my trainer who was very inspirational.

Karen AfterMy advice is to not set your targets too high and take it a step at a time.  You should never punish yourself over the odd blip, like my occasional chocolate binge days.  Simply get back on track again the following day.  Now if I feel my clothes starting to get a little tighter I immediately act and don't just blank it out of my mind.

I now have confidence to start training at a local gym near home which is something I would have never done before.  I would like to thank Jago and John for all their support and getting me to the point where I have rejuvenated my life.  It's not just vanity, it's a matter of my health.

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