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If you want to change, lengthen and improve your life...get active. It can be as simple and enjoyable as a daily afternoon walk. 


A sedentary lifestyle leads to obesity and poor physical fitness, which are catching up with smoking as the leading causes of preventable death in the UK.


 walking*  Do you want to walk more, but don't feel safe out walking on your own

*  Cant get motivated

*  Dont know where to walk

*  Do you want a network of others with a similar interest in keeping healthy

*  Dont want to join the oldies just yet with their rambling groups

Walking is low impact, fun, free and good for your health.  

Did you know that walking can have massive benefits for your health?


As well as being a great way to see the countryside and get out in the fresh air, walking can help to: Increase your fitness, stamina, confidence and well being, reduce the risk of heart disease, control body weight, strengthen bones, reduce high blood pressure and reduce stress and anxiety


Any walking is better than none but, to make sure you are getting maximum health benefits, a brisk walk is better than a stroll and you should work towards walking for 30 minutes on most days of the week at a pace that makes you warm and your breathing slightly more heavy than normal.


So, stride out and improve your health but make sure you don’t over do it – you should still be able to talk when walking!


The potential benefits of walking far outweigh the risks but if you haven’t participated in much exercise recently and are worried about your health, please make sure you check with your doctor before increasing your activity levels.


Top Ten benefits of walking:


Walking 1

1. It is free, the least expensive form of exercise and can be done anywhere 


2. Strengthens the major muscles of the body, including core muscles, essential for maintaining good posture 


3. Increases bone density, can help to offset the effects of osteoporosis 


4. Reduces the risk of heart disease by improving blood lipid ratios also lowering blood pressure and the risk of heart attacks and strokes 


5. Reduces the risk of certain cancers 


6. Burns calories necessary for weight loss. Just as little as 30 minutes a day can help reduce body fat levels in unfit people or beginners 


7. Reduces stress 


8. Elevates mood with the production of feel good endorphins due to exercise 


9. Walking has a very low risk of injury due to its low impact nature 


10. Can reduce the risk or lessen the effects of diabetes.




Why not Try my 4 week walking to get fit programme?


Week 1 

Get out and start walking- walk for just 10 – 15 minutes six days of the week.  Use a moderate pace; take time to enjoy your surroundings.  


Week 2 

Increase the walk duration to 15 – 30 minutes five days of the week.  3 of those days should be slow and relaxed, the other 2 train using intervals of 2 minutes slow pace and 1 minute brisk pace. 

Consider your posture, walk tall with your stomach muscles pulled in and shoulders back. 


Week 3 

Increase the walk duration to 25 – 30 minutes, reduce slow periods on your interval days to 1 minute.  When walking briskly you will need to think about arm movement. Bend your arms to 90 degrees and really use them to help propel you forward.  Your arms should move straight forwards and backwards. 


Week 4 

Increase the length of time to 40 minutes for a steady/brisk walk for 2 days in the week and 30 minutes twice a week.  For these shorter sessions you should find some challenging hills to walk up.  Only a small incline will increase the difficulty level dramatically. 


Stick to my 4 week plan and I guarantee you will be fitter, feel healthier and start to notice differences in your posture and shape.  Good luck - Jago 




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