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Personal training is a service that anyone can use to help them reach their specific health and fitness goals.

We work with a wide range of clients that want to lose weight, get fitter, build muscle, have more energy, recover from injury and many other reasons and we do this in out purpose built training studio in Warley villageA major part of my business is New Image Personal Training, a group of 3 personal training companies, based in 3 different studios in the Halifax area.

Warley studio, personal training in halifax

From this studio, we are very proud to offer an exclusive one to one service which guarantees our clients the most personal and effective workouts and lifestyle plans which help to get superb results at the same time as having an enjoyable and friendly training session.

The studio is fully equipped with the latest state of the art resistance and cardiovascular equipment. The studios are cosy and friendly and provide the perfect environment to exercise in comfort.

My aim when creating my one to one studio was to produce something totally different to what was available to most people if they went down the traditional gym route.

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Meet The Trainers

In our studios you WILL NOT find

*  Timewasters, simply wanting to socialise and chat

*  Onlookers watching your every move

*  Muscle bound thugs strutting around the gym

*  Lycra clad beauties flaunting their wares

NO in our studios, you are there for one thing and one thing alone...to get results.

In our one to one studios YOU are the only client training with a trainer at any one time, this allows us to give YOU the most focused and specialist service we can, whilst allowing YOU the privacy and focus that YOU need to make the quickest gains and stay motivated.

personal trainer and clientI don't want to simply take your monthly membership fees every month whether you turn up or not, this just isn't the way I have built this business.  In fact we don't charge membership fees at all, you simply pay for the sessions you attend.

In the Halifax area, there is sure to be a studio within a short distance of your work or home.


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How Much Does It Cost?

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