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So you’ve decided to make a new start. You’re fed up with your lack of energy, the way you look, your job.  We all have times in our lives when we feel like this. Things seem to get a little stale. Invariably our health and appearance is one of the main priorities especially following over indulgencies of birthdays, Christmas, holidays, bank holiday weekend. 


The surest way to avoid this kind of problem is to maintain a good shape and healthy level of fitness throughout the year. One thing I can say about the great clients we are privileged to work with week in, week out, is they all either regularly improve or just maintain a great shape. However if your problem is the same as the majority of the population then now is a great time to set the plans for your new fitness regime in motion.

Firstly, take a step back and think of the reasons why you usually fail: - lack of time, lack of motivation, bad eating habits, lack of money, and lack of progress. To ensure that you continue with your new plan you should make certain the usual reasons you stop can be overcome BEFORE they rear their ugly heads and cause your failure again. One thing is for sure if you don’t plan around these problems then you will always end up failing.


Planning is a much underestimated process which everyone must go through in order to accomplish anything.  Let’s take the building of a house as a parallel to losing weight. The builder must first plan the look and size of the house.  Secondly are there any reasons why this house will fail to exist, for example is it being built in a regularly flooded area or is the land likely to slide. If any of these are likely then the project probably won’t get started. Thirdly he must work out the cost of building the house, if he can’t afford then he can’t do it and must take an alternative route. These possible outcomes should all be considered when planning changes in your health and shape. Anything which may not be possible shouldn’t be considered and alternatives found. If for example monthly gym membership pushes your budget too far then a cheaper alternative is needed 


Realistic objectives and short term aims will guarantee you are kept motivated and on track. Set too big a target and you will be over faced and never accomplish anything in your own mind. This will inevitably lead to feelings of failure and probable weight gain and so the cycle continues. 


Instead you should sit down and write down your aims and objectives you would like to achieve in a year, make it achievable and then break it down in to smaller chunks. I always look at it this way, a year seems a long time to have to wait for changes you want to see. However if you don’t take action now and don’t make changes then in another years time you can be sure you will still be as fed up about things and you may well have gained even more weight and be a lot more unfit.


Buy yourself some new training gear, I always find that if people have made a financial commitment to something then they are more likely to stick to things. Also if you feel better about the way you look you will be more inclined to want to be seen.


If you are the type of person who always fails to change your shape or improve your health due to lack of adherence then I would strongly avoid taking out gym memberships again. You will be tied in to payments, you won’t receive the type of support you need and they will probably be overflowing in peak periods so you won’t be able to use the equipment you would like to.


Find alternatives that you can see yourself doing for a long time and will enjoy, not just something that feels like a punishment that you hate. Life’s too short.


When you do get started allow yourself the odd failing like a weekend away, missing an occasional workout or a treat every so often. Don’t let one bad day ruin your entire efforts.


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