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Fit Club, you are what you eat, inch loss island are on our television screens regularly these days. If you were unaware before that being overweight and unfit was dangerous to your health and longevity then these days you should be in no doubt whatsoever that exercise should be part of everyday life. It is a daunting prospect for those wishing to become active and trying to lose weight.  But it needn’t be a traumatic event or ordeal.

Why is it important to exercise?Woman doing a sit up

Exercise improves the strength of your heart and lungs, improving circulation and reducing tension. Exercise also gives us confidence, improves posture, helps us to lose or maintain weight and makes us feel good.


What sort of exercise should I do?

The answer to this one is easy. Make sure it is something you enjoy doing that you don’t find doing a chore and can do regularly.


Which type of exercise is best for losing weight?

To lose weight at the fastest possible rate you should train both aerobically ( performing some form of activity which leaves you breathless and sweaty for 20 – 60 minutes, 3 times a week) and with resistance ( using hand weights, machines, bands etc for 20 minutes, twice a week)


Do I need to use a gym or play sports to become healthier?

No, you can get good results from making small changes to your everyday life such as running up the stairs, cleaning and waxing the car regularly, walking or cycling to work, even turning the television over manually will make a difference.


So you have decided that exercise is the answer for you, you know you will feel happier and have more confidence.  What next?


·     Sit down and write out your goals and what you hope to achieve. Make them realistic and achievable and tell them to someone you trust.


·      Try a few activities to decide which ones you enjoy.


·      Visit local facilities, ask around, you will be surprised about the amount of activities you can do in this area.


·      Plan activities with a group of friends. This is better done in groups, because if one friend lets you down then there are still others to continue.


yoga pose·      Start exercising gently, slowly at first, then build it up


·    Treat yourself to a shopping trip every time you reach a new target.


·       Keep your eyes on your long term goals and make sure you are moving steadily towards these


·       Don’t worry about the odd bad day, don’t forget 'failure isn’t falling down its staying down'



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