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 The Basics of A Good Diet


Your SUCCESS or failure to get in to great shape at any time will largely depend on your ability to follow a nutritionally balanced diet consistently.


Healthy eating is essentially very easy.  You don’t need to count points, calories, grams, work out percentages or nutrient ratios.  You do however need to be ORGANISED and have plenty of the right types of foods readily available.  The main reasons most people fail to achieve their goals when aiming to lose weight or get in to great shape are due to: -

·                     Lack of ORGANISATION

·                     Lack of planning

·                     Lack of understanding of correct and balanced nutrition

·                     Lack of CONSISTENCY


The Need For A Balanced Diet

The need for a balanced diet is of the utmost importance.  If you are aiming to get in to great shape, lose weight or improve your fitness but you don’t address your diet then you will fall short of achieving any real success.  Meals should be as balanced as possible without being restrictive or obsessive, providing a wide array of nutrients with minimal fats or sugars…whilst allowing for occasional TREAT FOODS and the odd luxury.


Basically speaking sweets, chocolate, crisps, pastries and other highly processed foods don’t have a role to play in a typical healthy diet…if you are trying to lose weight whilst still eating this type of food, you will become despondent very quickly.  By switching to wholesome, fresh foods you will begin to feel the effect of having loads more energy, confidence, improved condition of your hair and skin and an improved digestive system.  Wholesome foods also do one vital job…They make you feel fuller for longer


For a diet or system of nutrition to be successful it must be SIMPLE AND EASY to follow.  It is just not possible to get the balance and the right amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients you need from packet and processed foods, so these should be avoided.


Ready prepared fresh fruit salads are available in some stores which takes away the effort of preparing them…rice cakes, yoghurts and cottage cheese are all examples of very quick and easy snack foods.  If possible try to do a weekly shop following a shopping list to avoid impulse buys.  Try to ensure that all the foods, ingredients and herbs etc you require for the week are bought and then readily available to you.  Doing this simplifies the whole process and makes it much more unlikely that you will get caught short with none of the right types of food to eat.


I recommend you choose only one treat day each week to have a couple of the sorts of foods you enjoy that aren’t particularly any good for you, don’t go mad but don’t feel guilty either.


With regards to portion sizes, you shouldn’t worry about this too much, just monitor your hips, waist and weight measurements each week…if these are coming down, then you are eating the correct amount to lose weight.


As a general rule, EAT WHEN HUNGRY, STOP WHEN FULL.  Don’t just keep eating to empty the plate…listen to when your body is telling you that you are full.


Don’t try to make losing weight harder than it actually is.  There are some basic rules that if followed make healthy eating the easiest thing in the world to do.  One final word, don’t fall at the first hurdle, be patient…remember Rome wasn’t built in a day.


To Your Health and fitness - Jago


Authors Name: Jago Holmes, New Image Fitness Limited

Telephone: 01422 836157

Email: jago@anewimage.co.uk

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