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  • Jago Holmes offers personal training in Halifax, sharing the secrets of successful weight loss, fitness and healthy living on his new site. FREE training programmes, diets and exercise information.
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  • On my FREE arctles pages you will find FREE weight loss advice and FREE training hints to maximise your progress and lose weight fast and improve your fitness in the quickest possible time.
  • The supplements industry is a powerful force. Much of what it touts is untrue and purely for the sake of profit. Read on to find out which supplements my trainers and I have tried and tested.
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  • Following a lifetime of fad dieting will inevitably lead you to an overall increase in weight and thyroid problems. Meaning ultimately you will weigh a lot more than when you first started
  • Get great abs by Tom Venuto dispells the myth that certain exercises can strip away body fat. Find out how to successfully shed that covering of unsightly body fat.
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  • A delicious and nutritious range of healthy and balanced meals which makes healthy eating both a pleasure and a joy. All recipes are made from scratch using fresh ingredients.

4 Week weight los plan

If you want a step by step weight loss solution in just 30 days - this is just for you, guaranteed results

Baby Belly Fat Loss PLan

Lose weight fast after having your baby. Superb e-book system, guaranteed results

Couch to 5k Running

Get off the couch to 5k running in just 6 weeks from now.

Marathon Training Schedule

Thinking of running a marathon? This marathon training schedule will get you there quickly and safely