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Jago Holmes is a renowned personal trainer, weight loss expert and fitness writer from the UK. In a career spanning more than 2 decades working with thousands of clients both on a one to one basis and online via his range of fitness and weight loss programs

Aim For The Moon

Change Is As Good As A Rest

A Moment On The Lips

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After 12 weeks, I have lost 24lbs, 11cm off my waist and 8 cm off my hips, which I am incredibly pleased about.

"My name is Cassie Barker and I am 21 years old.


I have always been heavy for my age, I constantly tried to diet but to no avail, and only ever seemed to put weight on. I never believed that I could actually lose weight and be the shape I wanted to be.


I evidently couldn’t lose weight by myself and so I needed some help. I immediately began to feel the effects as I started to lose weight. I started to exercise every day and really began to enjoy the feeling of being in control of losing weight, it was something I never thought I would be able to do!


After 12 weeks, I have lost 24lbs, 11cm off my waist and 8 cm off my hips, which I am incredibly pleased about. I cannot believe I have managed to do it. I still want to lose more weight and hopefully get down to a size 12, however the most important thing is that I now know I can lose weight and, because my confidence and self belief is beginning to increase, that with a little extra work I will get down to where I want to be!"

Cassie, York

Cassie, Yorkshire

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What My Clients Say...

“I've worked with Jago for years now and know that his knowledge is outstanding. He has a knack of explaining things in the clearest detail so it becomes easy to follow - and that's why I consistently get great results from my training."

Rachael Lund

What My Customers Say...

"I would recommend your material to anyone who is serious about being fully prepared for their race day.  You have made it all very easy to understand and you have given me the confidence that I really can do this.
I am very excited to continue to train and get in shape for my adventure ahead."

Dave - Dallas

About Jago

"Hi there, my name is Jago Holmes. I'm a certified personal trainer from the UK and been working in the fitness industry for over 20 years now.

I've been privileged enough to work with thousands of amazing clients that I've helped over the years to achieve a wide range of health, fitness and weight loss goals. The work I do can be truly life changing."

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